Prepare for the Changing Weather

Prepare for the Changing Weather

Explore the benefits of routine HVAC maintenance in Central Texas

Most HVAC problems occur when the seasons start to change. Make sure the HVAC unit in your Central Texas area home or commercial facility is ready for the sweltering summer or freezing winter by scheduling routine HVAC maintenance from Build-Pro Mechanical LLC. We'll catch small problems early so they don't spiral into bigger ones.

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How can you keep your system functioning properly?

You can help prevent costly repairs or an even more costly replacement by taking good care of your HVAC unit between professional checkups. Keep your unit running smoothly by:

  • Cleaning the fans, coils and drains regularly.
  • Replacing the filters once a month or whenever they look especially dusty.
  • Contacting a professional at the first sign of a malfunction.

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